28 October 2012

Virtual Piano - Star Wars, The Force
This is my Virtual Piano cover of the song The Force from Star Wars. John Williams is the composer of the Star Wars music. I hope you enjoyed it! I've used Synthesia as a reference in order to make the sheets. Please like, comment and feel free to subscribe if you like it!
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Sheet music:
y o 59w p 59w P s P 59w y 59wy o 5 ^ p P y @(P o d 4qs -- et ti ip ps -- yd 5woh y o P ypj E w EP ts -- 5w-EP y o P dz P -- oh E Y p PJ yd PJ oh odz -- 4qsl t i p s -- 26d d 5wdh y o P dh J 5h hz J -- hv @^E (Y wo P p o 5wyod y o PJ oh -- 29djz-e y-djz I 59wh

Virtual Piano - Star Wars, The Force

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